Customer Built Houses

About Us 

Dog house plans have always been something we were interested in and in 1975 we started into our own business, and over the years we have designed and built many different styles and sizes of dog houses.

The design of dog house that we use today is the only house that we have been building for the last fifteen years.  We do not sell other types of plans.  We do not sell garden sheds and say that they will work for dog houses, and we do not offer three different styles of roofs for the price of one just to sell you a set of dog house plans.  We only sell the dog house plans that over the course of time have proven to be the most effective and the most used dog house in the world.  We are the original designer of these dog house plans and we are available, either by phone most days, and by email everyday,  to answer any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise while you are building your dog house.

With the input from law enforcement agencies, officers with K-9 units, and veterinarians, we would improve upon the design of the dog house year after year to meet both the dogs and owners needs and concerns.  As the need arose, we started to build dog houses that were designed to accommodate two dogs that lived together or separate, and three dogs that lived together.

Since the houses were getting larger and heavier and with our customer base getting farther away from where we are located, we decided to have our plans professionally drawn so as to offer these dog houses built with our expertise and knowledge to all cliental world wide. 

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