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Especially for your Dog's Needs


- Do you have a very large dog and a small dog?
- Do you have 3 dogs and 2 will sleep together and not the 3rd?
- Does your dog have special needs or health issues?
- Do you have a type of animal or animals that you would like to have a Law Enforcement Dog House for?

Then put our 35 years of expertise in designing a custom dog house for you!

We have discovered that after designing and building the original law enforcement dog house for over 35 years, there are handlers and owners who require houses that are customized to meet both their needs and the animals' needs.

As well as dogs, there are people who have a variety of animals, other than dogs that prefer the law enforcement dog houses for their specific pets.

Therefore, to meet our customer's needs, we are now custom designing the law enforcement dog house for a variety of animals and pets. These custom designed houses are identical to the original law enforcement dog houses except for the customers' needs of varying sizes.

These houses are still fully insulated on the roof, floor and walls. The house will still have a hinged slightly sloped flat roof. We do not believe in peaked roof houses for any animal.

At present we have designed houses for pot bellied pigs, goats, tortoises, cats, etc. If you have a need for specially sized house for your pet or pets, we can do it, and the best news is the cost of the custom drawn plan is the same low price of $29.99 Can.

The custom houses are identical to the original law enforcement dog house and still maintain the structurally sound design as well as the main theory behind these houses, that the animal is able to heat the area behind the wind wall with its own body heat in the cold weather, and allow sufficient air flow in the warm weather.

If you have a special size requirement for your pet or pets, whatever that may be, feel free to email us at, and we will do our best to design the ideal custom house for your pet.


Before you click the paypal logo to purchase a set of custom law enforcement dog house plans, please email, so that we can discuss the details of the custom house plans that you desire.


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