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 custom dog house plans

 2 Dog/2 Door Deluxe Dog House

Custom Dog House Plans

If you require large dog house plans, extra large dog house plans, small dog house plans, or even if you need multi sized dog house plans, we are here to help and make suggestions for the proper sized dog house plans to meet your special needs.

Customizing our Dog House Plans

We can customize our original trusted and proven designed law enforcement dog house plans to fit your dogs need accordingly. If you have dogs with problems, such as incontinence, hip, blindness, 3 legs, etc. we can customize our original trusted and proven dog house plans to make it easier for your dog to be able to live in our law enforcement dog house without losing the quality, durability or theory of our dog house plans and your dog with special needs can still be safe and comfortable all year round.

In addition to custom designed dog house plans for pets with problems, we have learned that many people have a variety of digs that they wish to house in one house.  For exapmle, a large dog breed as a Great Dane and 3 small dog breads such as Beagles.  We can now custom design the dog house plans for a house that will meet the needs of larger and smaller dogs in one house and still maintain the theory of the dog's heating the house with their own body heat.

Custom Dog House Plans for Other Animals

After designing and building these dog houses for over 35 years, we have had many requests for custom house plans for various other animals. 

So, to meet our customer’s wants and needs, we have now started to custom design the same durable, structurally sound dog house plans for a variety of pets.  The best news is the cost of these custom dog house plans is $29.99/ea. U.S.; the same cost as the original law enforcement dog house plans. We do not charge extra to customize the house to meet your needs.

To date we have customized the dog house plans for feral cats, pot bellied pigs, dwarf goats, chickens, ducks, and tortoises. 


Custom Dog House Plans Custom Dog House Plans
Dog House Plans Dog House Plans
Custom Dog House Plans Custom Dog House Plans


All our custom dog house plans are still fully insulated on the floor, roof and walls.

If you have a need for your pet, whatever kind of pet that might be, feel free to email and we will do our best to customize the original law enforcement dog house design for your pets, so that they will be comfortable, safe, and secure in their beautiful new dog house regardless of the weather conditions.

Before you click the paypal logo to purchase a set of custom law enforcement dog house plans, please email, so that we can discuss the details of the custom house plans that you desire.


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